One Slide Protection - Webcam Cover (3 pcs set)
One Slide Protection - Webcam Cover (3 pcs set)
One Slide Protection - Webcam Cover (3 pcs set)

One Slide Protection - Webcam Cover (3 pcs set)

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Did you know that organizations and people all over the world are infiltrating our webcams and taking pictures without our notice? We created a perfect solution just for you! Covering your webcams when not in use is one slide away. Stay protected andensure your privacy behind the laptop with our easy to installOne Slide Protection - Webcam Cover!

Ourwebcam coverprovides privacy, security,and peace of mindto individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and governments. Covers your webcam when not in use andprevents web hackers fromspyingon you and your families. Measuring only 0.07 inches in thickness which will not interfere with the closing lid of your laptop. It adheres with double-sided tape and can be removed if needed. Moreover, it will sustain through the wear and tear and remain strongly adhesive!

  • ultra-thin design -perfect curve edges, extra mini size, perfectly combine with your devices, it is only0.07 inchesthick and does not feel its existence when the laptop lid is closed
  • movable slider design -our webcam cover can be opened or closed with just one simple finger movement
  • super sturdy adhesive - solid durable, the strong nano gel provides a durable and reliable connection between your devices and webcam cover
  • secure your private space -ur webcam cover ensures your privacy behind the laptop. slide the webcam cover open when needed and while it also blocks potential hackers
  • fits most on devices - can be used to cover most webcams on computers, PS4, laptops, and tablets, smartphones, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and all in one desktop
  • package includes 3 pieces - for your phone, laptop, and tablet
  • consider buying more for your family and friends

Material: Plastic
Size: 1.85 cm x 0.9 cm
Width: 0.07 cm
Weight: 0.5g
Package includes:3 pcs set webcam cover