Kitchen Manager - Utensils Holder
Kitchen Manager - Utensils Holder
Kitchen Manager - Utensils Holder

Kitchen Manager - Utensils Holder

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You had enough of greasy kitchen surfaces and utensils falling on the floor while you are cooking? KitchenManager - Utensils Holderwill make things better!Itwill help you to keep your kitchentidyand clean at any point during meal preparation.Place your toolsinto the holder holestoprevent them from leaking on your countertop!

It is made fromBPA-free material that issafe for kitchen use.Itcan hold up to 4 spoonsor spatulasplus you can also put a lid on it. This holder is heat resistant, so you do not have to worry anymore where to put a hot kitchen tool!

  • save space- reduces the amount of space needed while multi-tasking in the kitchen and helps you not to mix the utensils
  • contain any drips -the base is designed with alip around the edges so itstops any leakage or spilling
  • high-quality material- made fromBPA - free material that will last longer and not be damaged while cooking
  • simple lines and beautiful design-it willget along with anykitchen style
  • suitable for kitchen tool of any size - even your largest cooking and serving tools will fit in
  • non-slip design -on slick surfaces it would not slip and make a mess
  • easy to store and clean - it is dishwasher safe and perfect size soit doesn't take up too much space
  • keeps spring tongs in place
  • large design holds any size utensil
  • with multiple notches for multiple utensils
Size:13 cm x 14.5 cm
Colors: green,gray

Package includes:1 x utensils holder