Mini Magnetic Multi-use Tracker
Mini Magnetic Multi-use Tracker
Mini Magnetic Multi-use Tracker

Mini Magnetic Multi-use Tracker

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This Mini Magnetic Multi-use Trackerallows you to create zones that you specifically want to monitor, such as your home to you know when your loved one leaves or returns.

The Mini Magnetic Multi-use Trackeris made ofABS with twovery resistantmagnetsthat enable it to be connected solidly on any metal surface, consequently expanding its stability.It is light (40g) and notwithstanding all observing and recognition capacities, there is likewise a caption function.The battery is 400mAh and the GSM association has apositioning time of 25 seconds.Withstands the most inflexible temperatures (from ¨C 20 ¡ã C to + 55 ¡ã C) and has a 12-day backup and 4-6 long stretches of ceaseless use.

  • Incorporates the help with a SIM card (truly, similar to that of the telephones) that can be utilized to call the gadget and know continuously what is its position
  • The call is made bysending a content messageto which you get the position that you can counsel specifically onGoogle Maps, with an exceptionally solid exactness

How to use:

  • 1st step - insert SIM Card into the device, the indicator will be flickering for 3 seconds
  • 2nd step - make a phone call to the device to check if the sim card is good or bad
  • 3rd step - pull out the sim card and insert SIM card again, send SMS "777" to the device by mobile phone after that you will receive a location reply in 1-2 mins
  • 4th step- phone call for remote listening

How to charge the battery:

Insert SIM card, then use 5V 500mA power adapter to charge the battery via USB cable equipped.

Package includes:

1 x Mini Magnetic Tracker

Note: Sim card and SD card are not included