Easy Craft Embroidery Needle (10 pcs set)
Easy Craft Embroidery Needle (10 pcs set)
Easy Craft Embroidery Needle (10 pcs set)

Easy Craft Embroidery Needle (10 pcs set)

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Make beautiful hand-sewn 3D crafts with ourEasy Craft Embroidery Needle Set! Itis making waves among those who love DIY and craft lovers for itstremendously easy to dotechniques that produceintricately beautifulcustom textile art.A beautiful work of art can be done by a set of magic embroidery markers!

You can nowcreate intricate handmade patterns with ease as the needle seamlessly goes right through on the fabric with little pressure. This is such a beautiful craft that you canapply to any kind ofclothing and experience theeffortless continuous perfect threading!

  • extensive handmade patterns & customized crafts -there's no limit to what you can create with this needle set, you can use it to make pillows, rugs, wall hanging, ornaments, and other decorations
  • easy to follow steps - easy to use even by beginners, just thread and start needle punching
  • the needles are cleverly color-coded to easilyidentify the designated needle for your specific works
  • versatile applications -itcomes with an interchangeable head that accommodates various needles and isable to use it withdifferent thread thicknesses according to your needs
  • durable needles that last for years - anti-corrosive and built tough to resist deformation,made from high-quality alloy that will last for many years
  • you can create the perfect embroidery craft with love

Material:plating alloy
Package size
: 7.1 cm x 5.2 cm
Needles sizes: (length)
Needle #9: 4.7 cm
Needle #10: 4.5 cm
Needle #12: 4.6 cm
Needle #14: 4.6 cm
Needle #16: 4.7 cm
Needle #18: 4.7 cm
Needle #20: 4.7 cm
Needle head: 13.1 cm
Package includes
7 x needles
1 x needle head
1 x storage box
1 x needle threader