All-Round Kitchen Slicer
All-Round Kitchen Slicer
All-Round Kitchen Slicer

All-Round Kitchen Slicer

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Isn't it nice when you have a reliable tool in the kitchen you can use for almost anything you can think off? Need to drain something? Need to cut something? Peeling? Separating egg white? Grate or slice anything? All-RoundKitchen Slicer can do all that and more.

Equipped with 4 interchangeable bladesyoucan grate, slice and peel anything you need. Can be easily cleaned and disassembled, just put them under the tap. Four detachable covers let you strain, drain and separate egg whites. All-RoundKitchen Slicer can help you whether are you professional cook or a beginner all the previous tedious kitchen work will become so simple.

  • Made with durable FDA approved materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Grates, slices and peels vegetables
  • Easily cleaned and disassembled
  • Comes with slicing guard hand protector
  • Eliminates the need for cutting board
  • Useable as a storage container as well
  • Saves time used for foodpreparation
  • Free-up space on your kitchenwith its economic design

Package includes:
4 x Blades
1 x Container
1 x Slicing Guard Hand Protector
1 x Drain Basket
1 x Slicer
1 x Egg Divider+Grater

Slicer size:
9.5 cm x 18.8 cm x 29 cm
Blades lenght:
8.5 cm